Map of Selected Venetian-Style Glassworking Centers


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Map of renaissance European glassworking regions

Note: Modern country borders are depicted. Renaissance political borders may have differed.

Origin of some objects may be uncertain. See main chapters for details.


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Clear glass vessel with gold trim at base and gold, jewelled lid.
Pear-shaped, covered clear glass goblet with engraved decorations
Glass boot-shaped vessel with gold decorations
Opaque black, flameworked scorpion


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Clear glass goblet engraved with a stag, a unicorn, and hounds, and the owners' initials RT and AT entwined by lover's knots
Glass tankard with rounded bottom and long straight neck covered in vertical turquoise stripes with silver lid and base


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Glass chalice with twisted, serpent-shaped stem
Pale brownish and opaque white glass vessel with vertical stripes


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Clear wineglass; bowl has slight vertical ribbing and stem has diagonal ribbing
Clear glass goblet with straight stem and cone-shaped bowl


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Clear glass beaker with enameled decoration depicting Apollo seated on Mount Parnassus in Greece

Low Countries

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Tall, clear ale glass engraved with a portrait of the young William III, prince of Orange
Clear goblet with decorative stem and blue "wings" along each side of the stem
Thin, clear glass with spirals of four opaque white stripes and one light blue that wrap around the vessel
Colorless glass goblet with decorative stem composed of twisted cane shaped into a dragon with blue wings
Colorless glass goblet with decorative stem featuring red cane twisted to resemble a crouching dragon
Clear glass goblet with decorative stem featuring a cube shape with blue dots on corners


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Clear wineglass with white stripes and very shallow, flared bowl


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elaborate clear glass covered goblet with crown design


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Clear glass goblet with white cane filigrana in the stem and base