This project was underwritten in part with funds from the G & H Snyder Memorial Trust.

The author thanks the following individuals for their invaluable help in creating this publication:

The independent filmmaker Dennis Murray of Gemini Productions.

Staff members of The Corning Museum of Glass: Brad Patocka and Erikh Vargo of the video production team; Brian Hewitt, Mandy Kritzeck, Ryan Langille, Michelle Padilla, and Scott Sayre of the digital media department; Lori Fuller and Yen Wu of the rights and reproductions department; Rick Price (editor of this publication) and Jaci Saunders of the publications department; Bryan Buchanan, Andrew Fortune, Allison Lavine, and Marty Pierce of the photography department; Megan Mathie, for transcribing the video voice-overs; Rick Cornfield, for video editing; Karol Wight, for her unfailing support of this and my previous e-book; and Amy Schwartz, who carefully oversaw all aspects of this project.